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What is SEO and Should My Business Care About It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the process of optimizing your site to reach the top of the organic search results in the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a business owner, you have probably heard of SEO before and might have even tried doing it yourself at some point. But you quickly found out that SEO is a very time-consuming and tedious process.

How are you supposed to run your day to day business operations and manage your digital marketing presence at the same time? And we all know you can't trust Peter to manage the business when you're away; last time he messed up, BIG time. Not cool, Peter. So while you're making sure Peter doesn't mess up your business, BurnCrate is happy to manage your SEO.

We offer both Full Service SEO, as well as top notch professional SEO consulting.  Our full service SEO service includes a completely managed in house strategy to increase your brands organic search traffic and online visibility, while our consulting services will give a proper site audit and overall recommendations to help your website.

Puget Sound SEO

How Can You Benefit From Our SEO Services?

This is the real question, right? And it should be. You don’t want to pay for a pointless service, and we wouldn’t let you. We have morals. But SEO isn’t pointless and should be a business priority. SEO, if done right, has a great ROI. What Good SEO does:

  • Ranks your website for business related search terms
  • Ranking for related terms will bring potential customers to your website
  • Those potential customers are more likely to become paying customers
  • Builds brand awareness for your business
  • Business growth
  • Increased revenue
If you are looking for a professional, personable, and honest SEO service in the Puget Sound area, look no further than BurnCrate. To get a custom quote or to ask us any questions you may have, please contact us here.  

Full Service SEO

From site audits to influencer outreach, we provide a complete and unique solution to your business. The whole shebang, per se!

SEO Consulting

Need top notch professional SEO consulting? We can provide a complete SEO recommendations list for your business at an attractive hourly rate. 

Local SEO

We're local. You're local.  We will make sure your business shows up properly optimized in over 50 of the top local search listings.

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A creative SEO agency based in Tacoma

We're from the Puget Sound as well, so we want you to know we are always here for you if you have any questions. A local company helping other local companies grow their online presence and increase revenue.

Some Clients We Have Done SEO For:

Full Service SEO Clients:

mightycall logo

MightyCall - A Virtual Phone System for businesses.  Started June 2014.


  • Grew monthly organic traffic over 400%
  • Grew monthly revenue over 400%

mightycall organic semrush

cielo24 logo


Cielo24 - A high volume caption and transcription company based in California. Started August 2015. Organic continues to climb.


  • Developed SEO strategy from scratch
  • Grew monthly organic user by over 85% within 3 months
  • High rankings for several related keywords and continues to rise

cielo24 organic semrush



Clients we have done SEO Consulting for:

eSentire (http://esentire.com/)

VetSource (http://vetsource.com/)

Atera (http://atera.com/)


Fonality (http://fonality.com/)

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